Smart Realtors is a 21st century real estate solution that revolutionise the way real estate agents work at their offices or home to sell or rent properties. A Full-feature CRM software for the real estate industry.

Regular FAQ’s :

What is Smart Realtors?

Smart Realtors is a real estate CRM system for real estate brokers. It is an easy-to-use system that allows you to manage your real estate activities more efficiently and effectively. Fully loaded online SaaS solution available 24x7 – 365 days; combined with extensive list of features to operate efficiently.

Why Should I Choose Smart Realtors As My Real Estate CRM System?

Smart Realtors is simply the most user-friendly, feature-rich and cost-effective CRM software .The depth of features in Smart Realtors software clubbed with strong thrust on quality and simplicity of use differentiates it from most of its competitors.

Smart Realtors is :
  1. Flexible and configurable
  2. Secure and Reliable
  3. Most Intuitive and User friendly
  4. Fits in your business process

Can I Have A Free Trial To Try Out Your Software Before I Decide To Start Paying?

Yes, of course you can. All real estate professionals are entitled to a free no obligation trial of Smart Realtors prior to deciding whether to sign up. Please email sales@smartrealtors.com for further Information.

What Are the Payment Options If I Decide to subscribe Smart Realtor?

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually in advance. There is a discount applied for quarterly (5%) and annually (10%) made payments.

Do you provide Training to use the Software?

Of Course!!
We want to make sure everyone has a full understanding of our software before using it and as such we do provide free training sessions for all real estate brokers!

If you are interested in learning more, contact our sales team on
+91 8886660661 or sales@smartrealtors.com and we will get back to you.