ProspectSite – Corporate Identity

Along with the CRM you will get your company website (dynamic) with this software where your customers can visit and search for the property and projects. It is a fully dynamic product where you can also manage content of the software.

With your online account, you can add the property details straight to your website with the help of some integration. This helps less maintenance and ease of use. Also you feed the property links to our partner portals.

Prospect site-Website feature is for Estate Agents /Developers who only have a static website with few pages or just have a good name without any website.

Corporate Identity

How we help you?

Post Web Site
We have a strategic approach for you. Assume that you are our member/registered user. As a user you will have the feature of posting the property on CRM.
From your account, you can enable the property posting from our network on to your website with one push button.
With this your property along with our network it will be displayed on our website. This helps keep our BRAND always active.

Don’t you have a website?

We can build a most effective website so that you can manage your content along with the standard web pages.
Ability to create brand awareness.
Good SEO ranking based on the SEO keywords.
Provide facility to promote other services of your company.
Good communication with the prospects.
It makes Developers to market their projects at unit level.